QIRAD designs and manages property development from A to Z as well for projects in advanced design or development stage with the need for added value.
Qirad works between our development partners and the project architect or other professionals, acting as the owners’ representative of a project to provide a full turnkey service including:

Property Development

A strong brand has a demonstrable financial value. It adds a premium to the final sales price in any competitive marketplace.

… is known for quality, premium design & distinction

… is a mixture of design, development and marketing DNA

… has the ability to anticipate consumer tastes and to set market-trends

When we plan, design and develop ideas into concepts, we not only concentrate on what people expect from their new home or working place, but specially on the successful marketing of the property in order to guarantee its commercial success.

Our key markets include Hotels & Resorts, Residential as well as Office & Retail space. In each of these areas, we assure that every aspect of the project will receive the highest level of design expertise to guarantee its total success.


A strong brand has a demonstrable financial value. It adds a premium to the final sales price in any competitive marketplace.

…has a real financial value and is shared with our partners

QIRAD has access and a proven track record to bring top tier brands from fashion, sports or any other industries to partner with us and to co-brand our property developments. They know we speak their language and meet their standards, because we settle for nothing less then the very best.

We share the power of these brands with our partners & clients, who wish to work with us to build their brand or request us to enhance their existing brand.

A strong brand has a demonstrable financial value. It adds a premium to the final sales price in any competitive marketplace.

The international network of brands and influencers has a disproportionate impact on press coverage and market awareness. All of which translates into exceptional levels of media coverage, especially via press-based PR.

That coverage help sell QIRAD branded properties faster and at a higher price, meaning increasing returns for our partners.

This benefits our partners and us.

Marketing & Sales Channeling

Wherever we work…

… we raise design standards

… we raise investment returns

… we add value through innovation, creativity and commercial focus

The QIRAD marketing offer is backed by the power of the QIRAD brands. We have exceptional international media and celebrity connections, however, even the best brands, combined with cutting edge architectural design is not enough, if you cannot transmit this value to the customer.

Generally, developments go on sale, before start of construction and completion. Therefore, the value of a property is in great extend being shaped by its branding & marketing. The buyer must be able to “touch & feel” the value of the property - especially important for the high end marked. We at QIRAD know “how you dress” a property, create emotions and desire and to raise its value. This combination of excellence in design and marketing will stand out - even in tough times.

The QIRAD expert marketing team consistently delivers PR standout, along with exceptional sales results. To this advantage, we add experienced campaign planning designed to increase interest, and raise final sales price, together with a wealth of international media and PR connections.

QIRAD projects manage to generate higher media attention and levels of awareness and demand than competing developments - leading to increased partner & project profiles. In addition, QIRAD offers expert campaign planning, designed to increase interest, and raise final sales prices.

Qirad Capital

Real Estate Investments & Joint Ventures

We concentrate on markets and projects that promise the most attractive growth potential, that adhere to our key philosophy of sustainable development. We seek and provide investment opportunities in undervalued or emerging markets, with excellent growth prospects and actively create such opportunities where value has been heavily discounted.

QIRAD’s object is to manage real estate investment grounded in the resolute objective of identifying sustainable investment opportunities that meet out stringent criteria. Our ultimate aim is to stimulate long-term returns that exceed clients’ expectation levels.

We partner with expert developers, looking for an equity partner who can add value as well as provide capital. We think like developers. Therefore, we understand the need for fast decisions, and a pragmatic approach. We also have a network of connections and experts to offer, especially in the early stages of a project, when the business case and the funding are being structured.

For our partners QIRAD Capital is constantly sourcing, identifying & developing Real Estate Opportunities & Joint Ventures. We are as well happy to co-invest or to work with developers who already have a design and marketing team in place. However, many of our partners, once introduced to our sister business, QIRAD Capital, commissions us to take on a range of design and marketing responsibilities, in addition to our role as co-investors.

We are looking for equally experienced, equally passionate partners, who believe in quality as a driver of commercial results.

Naturally, we also build partnerships with other developers, investors, architects, designers, and industry experts in a diverse number of property related areas, adding value wherever we collaborate.

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